​                            The Attic

                               2 to 12 Bolters

The Attic has also gained a revamp as it followed us over to our new location. No longer just Grandma's Junk... There is more to the story that you will have to discover.

Closed Quarters.

2 to 12 Bolters

An abandoned arcade from the 80's used for nefarious deeds since it's demise. Was it the "organization" from #TheVault and #HackersDen? Could there be a new crime syndicate that yet to be uncovered? Only one way to find out.

Bolt! Nwa Escape Room Experience

                  The Professors Study

                            2 to 12 Bolters

The Study returns once again. This room was a favorite the first time around. We have revamped it for our new location so that those who missed it could get a chance at it and those who didn't make it could try one more time.

                             LeRoy's Garage

​                                  2 to 12 Bolters

Crazy old LeRoy is fed up with everyone being in such a hurry and ignoring the small town folk. So he has hatched a plan to bring you to a screeching halt and force you to spend a little time with him.

The Slammer!

2 to 12 Bolters

Wrongfully imprisoned. You must work with the other inmates to break into the captains office and prove your innocence.