Bolt! Nwa Escape Room Experience

 The Attic (New as of 10/5)

2 to 12 Bolters

(Rank 3) Success Rate: 28.6%

Every time you've been to your Grandparent's, they tell you not to go in the attic. Well they have gone shopping and left you at the house! Now is your chance to find out a little about Grandma and Grandpa that you never expected!

 Leroy's Garage​ (New as of 8/23)

2 to 12 Bolters

(Rank 4) ​​Success Rate: 45.9%

Crazy old Leroy needs someone to frame for the murder of the Professor, and you just happened to drive through his town when he started looking. It's crazy how nails were left in the road, but Leroy was nice enough to fix your car, or so you thought. You must find your way out of his garage otherwise, its off to the slammer!

The Slammer! (New as of 6/30)

2 to 12 Bolters

(Rank 5) ​Success Rate: 37.1%

Wrongfully imprisoned. You must work with the other inmates to break into the captains office and prove your innocence.

Closed Quarters.(New as of 8/10)

2 to 12 Bolters

​(Rank 2) Success Rate: 35.4%

An abandoned arcade from the 80's used for nefarious deeds since it's demise. Was it the "Organization" from #TheVault and #HackersDen? Could there be a new crime syndicate that yet to be uncovered? Only one way to find out.

   The Professors Study(New as of 5/27) 

 ​2 to 12 Bolters

(Rank 1) ​Success Rate: 22.8%

Professor Maximillon (Max as his friends called him) has collected numerous artifacts to add to his collection. With the recent news that he has gone missing or has been killed, you and your group of thieves want to break in and make some money off his collection. You had everything planed out, or so you thought. You had no idea that Max had a security system! You must now get out before the police arrive, but don't forget to get what you came for! 

**The LOWER the rank for the room, the MORE challenge the room has. **
We compare our rooms to each other. So Rank 5 won't be super easy, but it will be OUR easiest.