​                        Grandma's Attic

                                   2 to 8 Bolters

You have played in their world. Now play as the kids who have been warned to stay out of Grandma's Attic. But why? What is in there that could be so bad? It seems Grandpa had fallen behind on repairs and now the door is stuck shut? See if you can find a way out before you get caught.

                                   Day Dream

​                                  2 to 10 Bolters

Dive deep into the mind of a 6yr old girl with the craziest creative imagination.

With inspirations from Alice In Wonderland smashed together with the whimsical world of Tim Burton we bring you a crazy tale of a day dreaming child.

Take on the crafty puzzles as you navigate a room filled with larger than life objects, an endless corner of mirrors, and the Mad Hatter's tea party. BUT! What is behind the hedge maze? What lies beyond the Garden Gates? Only the craftiest of Bolters will find the treasure and escape Day Dream

Bolt! Nwa Escape Room Experience


                                 2 to 8 Bolters

What started as a nice hike in the beautiful woods of the Ozarks turns into a hiker's worst dream. LOCKED! You have fallen into the doomsday bunker of a paranoid ex-military hillbilly . Surrounded by puzzles mixed with backwoods madness, do you have what it takes to escape this LOCKED! nightmare?